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Equal Opportunities

Flow Learning has a wide range of courses to help organisations understand the benefits and issues surrounding workplace legislation and managing diversity.Whether an employer or employee, we have courses to suit learners at every position and level of understanding within your organisation.These courses will help you comply with the new Equality Act (October 2010.)

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Diversity, Equality and Discrimination

Diversity and equality are terms that are much used these days and this course sets out to discover what they actually mean and why they are so important both in and out of the workplace. The Equality Act 2010 is the most significant piece of equality law for many years and this course explains in simple terms how it affects those possessing any of the nine ‘Protected Characteristics’, and the implications for those employing or working alongside them .


Harrassment And Victimisation

Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect at work. Unfortunately, from time to time this doesn’t happen – and subjecting someone to harassment or victimisation are both good examples of this type of failure. This course sets out to explain in simple terms the different forms of harassment, its harmful consequences, how it can be avoided and how to deal with it.


Preventing Bullying In The Workplace

Bullying is responsible for 30% - 50% of all stress-related illness in the workplace and costs employers up to £2 billion in lost revenue every year. A lack of recognition and acceptance of workplace bullying results in costly damage to both individuals and organisations.


Equal Opportunities: Recruitment & Selection

Employers run a great risk if they fail to ensure that all applicants and candidates for employment are treated fairly and equally. This course takes the Equality Act as its base and uses it to explain and demonstrate both the legal requirements and best practices that contribute towards a credible and effective recruitment and selection process.


Equal Opportunities: Parents In Employment

During pregnancy and the period following childbirth both mothers and fathers receive a significant degree of legal protection against workplace disadvantage. This protection seeks to avoid discrimination, work stress and financial difficulty through antidiscrimination law, statutory entitlements to leave and financial benefits.  This course aims to enable learners to understand the full range of rights and responsibilities of mothers-to-be, mothers and fathers during the time they are in paid employment.


Equal Opportunities: Sex Discrimination

As modern society has discovered, women have the ability to perform with equal skill and success in virtually every field engaged in by men, from employment to sport. Yet discrimination on the basis of sex has a long history and its residual effects still operate to keep the pay of many women lower than men, and opportunities fewer.  Of course, although it is less common, men too can be subjected to unlawful sex discrimination


Avoiding & Dealing With Race Discrimination

Recent statistics indicate a substantially lower employment rate for people from an ethnic minority. Whilst the reasons for this may be complex, Government reports suggest that a large contributor to this under-employment is discrimination.  So clearly, despite improving attitudes and behaviours, race discrimination is still a problem in the workplace.  This course looks at the legal requirements in place to combat work-related race discrimination and provides a template for addressing them effectively.


Flexible Working

In recent years the Government has introduced a significant amount of legislation designed to improve ‘work-life balance’ for working parents.  This course enables learners to understand that flexible working is not just about women juggling a home and family – it is about giving all employees working options which relieve potential stress, but which at the same time meet the needs of the organisation.


Freedom of Information

This course will enable learners to understand the background to the Freedom of Information Act 2000, deal with requests for information and recognise exemptions to the Act.


Data Protection

The Data Protection Act is an extremely important piece of legislation containing important do’s and don’ts for anyone working with personal information. This course will enable learners to understand how the Act requires organisations to be open and honest about their use of personal information, and how it requires both organisations and individuals to follow certain principles when processing it.


Identifying and Avoiding Bribery in Organisations

The Bribery Act became law on 1st July 2011.  This online course will enable learners to recognise bribery, understand how and why it is illegal and appreciate the steps an organisation must take to protect itself in the event of an offence of bribery by a person associated with it.


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