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Health & Safety

Health & Safety is a key issue for employers and employees, and keeping up with best practice and legislation in this area is important for every UK organisation, although this can be time-consuming and costly.

Our comprehensive range of health & safety courses also includes IOSH and NEBOSH accredited e-learning courses.  Whatever the size of your organisation, we have cost effective health & safety courses that are engaging, interactive and above all very easy to use. They can be accessed online from home, from work or even the local library if your staff don't have access to computers.

All courses have been upgraded in 2012 and are fully customisable so they can be tailored to meet with your organisations specific learning goals.  You can swap images, add content, and modify assessments to test on your policies and safety regulations.

Courses can be ordered online using Paypal. If you don't have a Paypal account don't worry - credit cards work just fine. If you need to use another payment method just get in touch and we'll organise alternative arrangements. We also offer generous discounts for organisations with large numbers of users.

food safety training

Slips, Trips and Falls

The Health and Safety Executive states that over one third of all major injuries reported to them each year are the result of a slip or trip leading to a fall. Slips and trips are the most common causes of non-fatal major injuries in both the manufacturing and service industries, and account for over half of all reported injuries to members of the public on business premises.


IOSH Managing Safely

The Online Managing Safely course is aimed at managers and supervisors in any sector and any organisation. The course content is designed to give managers all they need to know to help them handle health and safety in the area under their responsibility. Managers will gain a broad based knowledge of health and safety and safe systems of work.


An Introduction To Health & Safety At Work

This course underlines the very real risks that exist in all workplaces, whilst reinforcing the personal responsibilities laid down by law. It also addresses the learner’s attitude to health and safety, and discusses in overview the type of risks they face.
This course helps the learner to recognise health and safety as a real workplace issue.


Display Screen Equipment

This course will enable the learner to take positive action in respect of their own health and safety by creating a safe seating position, adopting the correct posture and operating workstation equipment appropriately.


Fire Safety and Evacuation

Employers are responsible in law for both fire prevention and the safe evacuation of employees in the event of a fire. This course will ensure that employees have the necessary knowledge to play their part in cooperating with their employer in the implementation of fire safety in the workplace.


Safe Manual Handling

By taking a look at how manual handling risks arise and how to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of injury in different work environments, this course will help the learner to avoid joining future Health and Safety Executive injury statistics.


Stress At Work

Stress is now recognised globally as a condition that can affect all categories of workers, in all types of jobs and living in all types of social environments. It is also recognised as a major contributor to behaviour change, psychological dysfunction and serious health problems.


An Introduction to managing Health & Safety

Ensuring the health and safety of employees is one of the prime responsibilities of any organisation. Failing to do so represents a moral, ethical and commercial shortfall that can, and will, have disastrous results for both the organisation and the people who work for it.


RSI: What it is and how to avoid it

Any RSI is painful and, in some cases, highly debilitating. It can lead to an inability to do certain jobs, or even work at all. For the individual this can have physical, mental and financial costs, whilst for the organisation it can mean the additional costs of staff cover, recruitment and job training.


Risk Assessment for Managers

Employers must carry out risk assessments in respect of all significant workplace hazards, and failure to comply with this legal requirement can result in prosecution and heavy penalties. Such prosecutions rarely arise from any wilful intention to break the law but rather through an ignorance of the legal requirements, or a lack of understanding of how to carry out the assessments, how detailed they should be and how they should be recorded.


Staying Safe with Noise

The effects of noise on hearing can be profoundly damaging, often resulting in permanent hearing loss. Not only is this morally and ethically undesirable for any organisation, it can also result in significant financial penalties and personal injury claims.


Staying Safe with Electricity

Reducing the risk from electricity is a challenge becausethese  accidents often result from a casual attitude brought about by familiarity with electricity as a power source, or simply a failure to appreciate the dangers of this hidden killer.


Staying Safe with Hazardous Substances

This course enables learners to identify hazardous substances, deal with them safely and take appropriate steps in the event of mishap.


Staying Safe with Vehicles

Most organisations either use vehicles on their premises or require employees to drive or ride in vehicles on the public road. Although many people own a vehicle of their own, they often remain ignorant of health and safety risks and important safety precautions. This lack of knowledge vastly increases the risks associated with working with vehicles, and failing to address the problem could prove costly for employers.


Protecting the Environment at Work and Home

This course will enable learners to identify the causes of pollution and waste, minimise negative impacts to the environment and enhance the health and functioning of ecosystems where they live.


An Introduction to Risk Assessement

Risk assessment is the keystone of effective health and safety management in any organisation, and failing to ensure the competence of individuals tasked with this activity is in contravention of health and safety law as well as being ethically suspect.By requiring staff with risk assessment responsibilities to complete this course the organisation is meeting a key requirement in respect of the competence and confidence of such individuals.


NEBOSH General Certificate

The Nebosh General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Qualification helps those who complete it to be more effective in risk management and developing a comprehensive safety culture in the workplace. The NEBOSH certificate is regularly used by people as a first step to a career in health and safety.


IOSH Working Safely

The online certificated version of IOSH Working Safely provides a grounding in the essentials of health and safety – everyone at work should have an understanding of why they must ‘work safely’ and this course provides exactly that. This online version of Working Safely includes Tutor support, interactive exercises, and an online Final Assessment. A period of 6 months is allowed for completion.


Asbestos Awareness - 2012

Asbestos has often been called ‘the hidden killer’ - indeed the word asbestos today conjures up a genuine fear of irreversible damage to health. This is borne out by statistics which suggest that asbestos is probably the biggest occupational killer in the UK. The course has been updated to comply with new regulations 'Control of Asbestos Risks 2012.'

Asbestos Awareness training


IOSH Food Safety

Food safety training is essential for any food business that aims to create and encourage a food safety culture. It is a legal requirement for staff involved in food handling to be adequately trained and supervised in line with their work activity.


Working in Confined Spaces

 Every year in the UK people are killed whilst working in confined spaces.Accidents occur across a broad range of industries, and rescuers operating without proper training or equipment are frequently among the victims.

The hazards involved in such work are serious, and the risks invariably high, so appropriate training is vital – and a legal requirement.


COSHH Awareness

This course provides an awareness of the essential COSHH requirements for those working with, or potentially affected by, hazardous substances.


Food Safety Essentials - IOSH Approved

Food safety training is essential for any food business that aims to create and encourage a food safety culture. It is a legal requirement for staff involved in food handling to be adequately trained and supervised in line with their work activity.

This highly interactive and engaging Food Safety Essentials course meets UK / EU Legal requirements and is compatible with the relevant Level 2 syllabuses.


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